Every day is an opportunity for you to be exceptionally beautiful. With this idea we created La Marqueuse.

Life is full of moments that should be celebrated. Engagements, weddings, the birth of a child, graduatione, anniversaries and reunions. New Year's Eve in Venice, sunset in Sardinia or a cruise on the Danube. The premiere at the National, opening in Zachęta, and Chopin concerts. But these are only a moments. The addition to the daily pleasure of a cup of cappucino, a meeting with a friend, talking with children, spend time with your partner. And even when you look at the sky and smile to yourself .

Everyday is an opportunity for you to be beautiful. For you we created jewellery of La Marqueuse. We are looking stunning and unique things for you. We go beyond diagrams, experimenting with materials and forms. So from the very beginning shape of rings, earrings or bracelets are designed with the logo of La Marqueuse cretaed by Urszula Dmowska and Jagoda Tarkowska.

Bold ideas concerning a jewellery created by themselves, during travelling, lunch or child naps however, this would be only the gift of creative thought, if not for trade experienced jewelers working in the atelier of La Marqueuse in Warsaw.

Drawing on the best traditions of Polish goldsmiths, carefully with the utmost precision of the noblest ores and gems create a unique jewellery. Every La Marqueuse product is made in a limited number of copies, always with attention to the smallest detail. The individuality of every woman is paramount for us and that’s why we hand you a unique, carefully polished jewellery.

Because each of us has hundreds of beautiful moments every day to appreciate!