Ten exceptional photographs captured by the talented Łukasz Pukowiec, whose portfolio includes covers of magazines such as NUMÉRO and Vogue Portugal and numerous editorials for Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Schön Magazine, embody a celebration of the brand’s 10 years on the market. The campaign, which is represented by the La Marqueuse’s woman – confident, mature, quality conscious and fulfilled – embraces the most iconic jewelry pieces of the collections, which have been favored by the brand’s clients in the last decade. They reflect its DNA in the most accurate way. The models from the Ermitaż collection, presented in the campaign, are the original designs employing gold combined with brilliants, extraordinarily cut rubies and impressive tanzanite, made by hand in limited copies. Historic, original coins and talismans are the very essence of the Empire collection. Nature-inspired models with black brilliants from the Paradise collection have been brought together with the most trendy in this season white, pink and yellow gold signet rings with nacre and black diamonds from the most recent Belle Guerrière collection. Each piece carries an endless reservoir of strength, emphasizing the energy of a beautiful warrior hidden inside every woman. A “bit” theme woven into the pendant and the gold ring is a part of the Chevalier line, which was created out of love and passion for horse riding. The latest jewelry trends are reflected in the earrings with “Kasumi” pearls or the necklace with cultured pearls. This is an exceptional combination of elegance and the highest quality ores with a modern twist. The campaign celebrating the 10th anniversary of the brand is a form of tribute paid to the clients of La Marqueuse, who have been co-creating remarkable, original collections and unique jewelry pieces with the founders – Jagoda Tarkowska and Urszula Dmowska-Gęsiorek – for a decade.