While how ideas for La Marqueuse jewelry are born remains our secret, the origin of the ores and stones that we use to produce it is never a secret.

We certify the authenticity and quality of the precious stones sold with a special certificate. We describe diamonds or pearls using international standards for stone evaluation. . Thanks to this, you can be sure that our certificate will be honored from Los Angeles to Tokyo.

La Marqueuse certificates are signed by Urszula Dmowska-Gęsiorek and Jagoda Tarkowska. Both are Diamond Experts, certified by the HRD Institute of Gemmology in Antwerp, as well as members of the HRD Alumni Club. Urszula is also an Appraiser and Ordinary Member of the Association of Jewelery Experts in Warsaw, recommended also for the assessment of pearls and organic substances, as well as jewelry and coins.

“There are no compromises in assessing diamonds. Our stones must meet all standards in terms of quality and ethics of origin.”

Urszula Dmowska-Gęsiorek
Diamonds Expert

For diamonds weighing more than half a carat, we also attach a certificate from one of the renowned international gemmological institutes: Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD), Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or International Gemological Institute (IGI). If you wish, we can laser engrave a unique identification number on the rondist of such a stone, which will permanently confirm its identity. You can verify the credibility of the certificates on the websites of the institutes (links to them can be found under this text).

We carry out jewelry certification in accordance with the requirements and recommendations of CIBJO - The World Jewelery Confederation. We freely adhere to the principles of fair trade established by this organization, thus ensuring the protection of public trust in the entire industry. You can read about the classification and naming standards for diamonds, colored gemstones, pearls and precious metals in the CIBJO Blue Books.

The La Marqueuse brand has also been awarded the Quality Mark of the Jewelry Appraisers Association. For our clients, it is a guarantee of the highest level of jewelery and gemmological services. It also confirms that we deal with jewelry and we guarantee the highest quality and unbounded professional and ethical attitude.

If you want to know more about diamond certification, go to the websites of gemmological institutes whose certificates we attach to the largest stones:
HRD: https://www.hrdantwerp.com/en
GIA: http://www.gia.edu
IGI: http://www.igiworldwide.com

Check the GIA certificate number