Welcome to our showroom in the Fashion House Klif and Hotel Raffles Europejski in Warsaw.

Feminine beauty is hidden in the uniqueness of each of us. To understand it, openness, understanding and conversation is required. It takes time. Is your friend also the best advisor in shopping? Is your hairdresser the person who knows how exactly your temperament and lifestyle? Can you imagine sewing dresses without talking to the tailor ?

Visit us at the boutique La Marqueuse in the Klif shopping center or Hotel Raffles in Warsaw. We will make a reservation for you by appointment - just send us information about the planned visit ().

What is important for us is you.
Your needs and expectations,
Your sensitivity, Your beauty.

  • If you are from outside Warsaw or you do not have time to visit our showroom, use the Concierge service.
  • Call us at + 48 888 444 733
  • We will then be able to deliver your jewelry to the address indicated or arrange a meeting at a place and time, adjusting to your plans .

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