All goods available on the Service www.lamarqueuse.pl and in the brick and mortar store La Marqueuse are subject to a warranty within 24 months from the date of purchase.

La Marqueuse jewellery is covered by an additional, free of charge service comprising renovation and change of the size within 12 months from the date of purchase.

La Marqueuse wedding rings are covered by indefinite warranty and free of charge service comprising renovation, excluding change of size and rhodium-plating of white gold, which is free of charge within 12 months from the date of purchase.

All damage to jewellery and wedding rings, which arouse from not abiding by the recommendations below, is not subjected to a warranty. Making repairs by other jewelers results in loss of the warranty.
1. The jewellery shall be protected against the cosmetics and detergents. Their ingredients may cause jewellery discolouration or skin hyperpigmentation in the place of their contact with jewellery. The chemicals may damage natural stones.
2. The jewellery made from gold in the technology of a thin-walled casting requires particular caution as - due to impact, squeezing – it may suffer permanent deformation, usually indentation.
3. Delicate chains, necklaces and bracelets may be damaged or deformed even by a slight pull, also during sleep. When you take off your chain remember not to curl it or bend it too tightly, as it may cause a permanent deformation or fracture.
4. Natural and synthetic stones are especially susceptible to loss, cracking, chipping due to impact, compression or hooking, as well as other damage caused as a result of different random mechanical events. The jewellery should be removed before doing any housework, going to sleep, playing sports and other activities during which it may be damaged.
5. The surface of the jewellery done in the technology of diamond finishing, satin finishing, gold-plating, rhodium-plating, platinizing is made of a thin external layer of the product. Exposing it to wearing, may lead to damage or attrition.
6. The jewellery shall be treated with the exclusive use of specialized cleaning and polishing chemicals. We kindly invite you to LA MARQUEUSE salons, where we provide professional and free of charge cleaning of our jewellery.