The loyalty program for on-line store

Terms used in the Terms and Conditions hereinafter, except where the context requires otherwise, have the following meaning:

La Marqueuse - La Marqueuse Sp. z o.o. with headquarters in Warsaw 01-042, ul. Okopowa 58/72

Participant – La Marqueuse Program Participant, who under the terms of these Terms and Conditions, received and signed a La Marqueuse card and accepted the content of Terms and Conditions..

Program – the program of loyalty cards, organized by La Marqueuse, which aim is to grant benefits specified in Terms and Conditions for the online purchases made by the Participant on the Service

Card – a card issued for a Participant, which allows you to take part in the program.

Benefits – benefits listed in Terms and Conditions granted by La Marqueuse due to participation in the program.

Jewellery – only silver, gold and platinum articles purchased in brick and mortar La Marqueuse store.

Point – every point granted to a Participant in exchange of making a jewellery purchase on the Service Every 100 PLN is converted to one hundred points.

Service – Internet store

Points balance – the number of points, which a Participant collets for purchasing jewellery.

2.1 There is no set time frame for the program's duration..
2.2 La Marqueuse reserves the right to alter the duration of the program, as well as to make amendments to the benefits granted to the Participants.
2.3 Participant accepts the content of Terms and Conditions by using one of the benefits, described in point 5 of Terms and Conditions, for the first time. The content of Terms and Conditions is available at the address La Marqueuse

3.1 The program can be joined by a person of full age and capacity.
3.2 Participating in the program is conditioned by registering in the Service and purchasing articles online.

Participating in the program and purchasing goods online viaLa Marqueuse,Service allows the Participant to collect points for the purchased goods..

4.1.One point accounts for 1 PLN..
4.2.The points are counted automatically and saved in the system after the payment for the goods has been received and the transaction has been closed positively. If the Participant cancels the order, the system will annul the points for this purchase.
4.3.The current points balance is available in the Customer’s panel.

5.1. While making a purchase, the Participant may exchange points for a discount. For every 100 points the Participant will get 5 PLN discount deducted from the monetary value of the purchased goods, which are in the shopping cart.
5.2. The exchange of points results in reducing the points balance by the number of points used to get a discount. Every time the Customer decides whether and how may points they want to use during a purchase.
5.3. The points limit, which can be exchanged during an online purchase constitutes 20% of the monetary value of the shopping cart.
5.4.Points validity expires within 365 days from the transaction for which they were granted.The system will inform the Participant about it, 60 days before the points validity expires.

6.1. Program Organizer reserves the right to alter the duration of the program, as well as to make amendments to the benefits granted to the Participants. All amendments shall be valid from the date of their publishing on La Marqueuse website:
6.2. Any benefits arousing from the program cannot be exchanged into a cash equivalent or other services, they cannot be rendered to a third person and are not combined with other sales offers.
6.3.These Terms and Conditions are subjected to the Polish law