La Marqueuse offers an overview of old jewelry made of precious metals and professional assistance in the repair, restoration and major renovation.

The employees in our studio goldsmiths will also help in changing the size, they bound you perform stones and rhodium plating. Accustomed to manual work - because part  of our products are created in this way - jewelers will take care of the smallest details, restoring the sparkle of jewelry, which at the time of purchase enjoyed your ancestors.

Made-to-measure jewelry

The offer La Marqueuse find jewelry in different styles and designs made from many varieties of bullion. We know, however, that tend to be unique dreams and fantasies. For us, they are inspired to create unique copies. We create jewelry so well-made: Together with our customers we select and prepare the project materials.

The final product is created in a Warsaw studio La Marqueuse. Experience and knowledge of our team makes (rather) no wishes jewelers, whom we meet there.
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